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Booster Munchapper
(Alternate Universe)
Biographical Information
Full nameBooster Sinclair Munchapper



Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorBlack irises, pink sclera

Skin colorRed
Production Details
Appears inThe Lightyear Factor

Voiced byStephen Furst
For the original counterpart, please see Booster Munchapper.

Booster Munchapper of the Alternate Universe is the counterpart of Booster Munchapper in the universe where Buzz Lightyear is evil.

Physical Appearance

He shares the same physical traits as Booster, but wears a black suit with a brown cloak.


He would mistake the good Buzz for his enemy and attacked him several times in a prison cell.


He is more brutal than Booster and has a vendetta against the evil Buzz Lightyear.


Enhanced Strength: As with all Jo-Adians, he is very strong and can easily lift large objects.


Under construction.


  • It is unknown why this Booster didn't notice that the good Buzz didn't have facial hair.

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