Future Buzz Lightyear
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.14.35 AM
Biographical Information
Full nameBuzz Lightyear



OccupationSpace Ranger
Physical Description

Hair colorGray

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorBeige
AffiliationStar Command
Powers and Abilities

WeaknessesForgetfulness, very weak

EquipmentStar Command-issue, time machine

Production Details
First appearanceGood Ol' Buzz

Last appearanceGood Ol' Buzz

Voiced byPatrick Warburton

Future Buzz Lightyear appears in the episode Good Ol' Buzz. He comes to warn Team Lightyear about Mira's death. As stated by Commander Nebula he's 150 years old.


Due to old age Buzz from the future is very short in stature and wears a completely different spacesuit than his younger self. Noted by his insignia, he is ranked down to rookie. He wears a time watch on his right wrist.

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