Crater viper slag monster mutant

The crater viper slag monster mutant.

The crater viper slag monster mutant, as dubbed by Buzz Lightyear, is an immense creature that lives on an uncharted moon located in the Zeta Quadrant.


First known sighting was by Buzz Lightyear and Warp Darkmatter, who were trying to rescue the LGMs that Zurg was experimenting on.


It has a head that blends in with the mountain, and long tentacles that resemble giant snake-like vipers.


Crater viper

A crater viper, as glimpsed before it strikes at its prey.

In order to hunt, the slag monster first makes use of its crater viper fingers, lulling its prey into a false sense of security by keeping the prey's focus solely on them.

Loud noises catch its attention, and it prefers to lure its prey to it, instead of going after it itself.

It is burrowed into a mountain where it hides and blends in.


  • Some of the sounds that the crater viper makes are actually those made by elephants and seals.
  • Curiously enough, both the creature and its crater viper "fingers" emit the same gases from their mouths, suggesting that it was either the one producing the gases all along (unlikely, given its size could not possibly accommodate for the entire planetoid) or that it was an indigenous creature that had adapted to breathing the almost nonexistent atmosphere, as well as aiding in producing part of the gases emitted into its atmosphere.


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