Fop Doppler
Fop small
Biographical Information
Full nameFop Doppler


OccupationSpace Ranger
Physical Description

Hair colorBlonde

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorLight blue
Production Details
First appearanceMira's Wedding

Last appearanceMira's Wedding

Voiced byRob Paulsen
“To infinity – and jolly well past that, wot!”

Fop Doppler is the second Tangean Space Ranger after Mira Nova. He joined Star Command out of a challenge to complete basic Space Ranger training in order to marry Mira. He surprisingly completed his training and became one of the highest ranking Cadets ever.

Physical Appearance

Like Mira, he is a Tangean Royal, complete with light blue skin. He has a prominent nose and sports a blond pompadour-like hairstyle.


Nothing of Fop's history is mentioned in the episode, though it is obvious Mira knows (and dislikes) him from her childhood in the Tangean Royal Court.

He was engaged to her briefly, before the wedding was cancelled. After this occurrence, he decides to continue being a Space Ranger.


The only other Tangean to enjoy being a Space Ranger, Fop is a very bouncy and eccentric individual. Unlike his fellow Tangeans who consider themselves to be higher than other life forms, Fop holds a lot of enthusiasm for anything he thinks is exciting or foreign to him, such as joining Star Command, or trying to marry Mira.

When he fights his enemies, he does so without losing his cool and good-natured disposition.


  • Tangean Abilities: Like most Tangean Royals, he can use ghost through walls and has the ability to read minds.
  • Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: After becoming a Space Ranger, Fop has shown himself to be one the most gifted Rangers, proving his newfound skills in combat.
  • Agility: He is able to easily and swiftly dodge his enemies' attacks. 


  • "This looks like a job for...(rips off wedding tuxedo to reveal his Pulsar-400 Enviro-Suit) Fop Doppler, Space Cadet!"


  • (Speculation) If one were to look closely at Fop's appearance, he might look similar to Conan O'Brien, host to his show Conan![1]
  • The name Doppler likely is a reference to the Doppler effect, in which an object's observed wavelength changes in correlation to the direction the object is moving.
  • Fop is a term meaning a man overly concerned with appearances.[2]



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