Biographical Information
Full nameGil

OccupationMiddle Manager, Technician
Physical Description

Hair colorBrown

Eye colorBlack on White

Skin colorPale
Production Details
First appearanceMindwarp

Last appearanceSunquake

Voiced byStephen Tobolowsky
Max Brooks
“From one middle manager to another let me tell you... delegate!”

Gil is an employee at Compu-Klerm. He used to work there as a middle manager, but he was possibly demoted to a mere technician afterwards.

Physical Appearance

Gil is a human who wears a white shirt, blue pants and tie. He has brown hair on the sides of his bald crown.


Not much is known about Gil when he first worked at Compu-Klerm. All we know is that he is seen at his place working with his computer and hoping to be promoted. After Buzz regained his memory he used Klerm's machine to download Gil's personality into the Slam-bots. He is last seen in the episode eating cake with the robots.


He likes his job and as mentioned he has cake days.


Under construction.


Under construction.



Under construction.

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