This is a humanoid species with blue-green skin. Gravitina is the only member of the species seen up-close, though several of her guards are seen in "Opposites Attract", and people can be seen in the boats on the lake in "Gravitina". Gravitina seems to be an oddity among her race, as none of the others seen in the show have abnormally large heads, and none of them seem to possess gravitomic abilities either. It is possible Gravitina's abilities are not natural, and are the result of some experiment or mutation, or perhaps only the females possess these abilities.

Gravitina is the ruler of their world, and refers to herself as a dictator, though it is not known if she oppresses her people in anyway. The planet has an orange sky, and Gravitina's palace is part of a city situated around a large lake. Boats are commonly seen on the lake's surface.


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