Biographical Information
Full nameMiss Harper

OccupationSecretary, Assistant
Physical Description

Hair colorGray

Skin colorBeige
Production Details
Appears inMindwarp

Voiced byKath Soucie

Miss Harper is Norbert Klerm's personal secretary and advisor, usually the one to remind him of his responsibilities and put him in line.

Physical Appearance

Miss Harper sports a frilly red dress and high heels. She keeps her greying hair tied back.


Harper's role is not entirely clear, but she seems to know Klerm well seeing as she has to put up with his immature attitude and set him on the right track again.

When Klerm wanted to expand into the "evil market", Miss Harper was there to remind him of the subject of his meeting.


Under construction.


  • Miss Harper's name comes from what she does best, "harping".



Under construction.

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