Known species native to Karn.

Brain-Eating Skullborer

Skullborers are small, yellow-green creatures with tentacle-like appendages, three eyes, and very sharp teeth. They feast on the brains of other species.

Gut-Sucking Egg Devil

Egg devils resemble preying mantises but are much larger and red in coloration. The females consume their mates after they lay their eggs. Egg devils also burst out of a host's chest at a young age, which suggests that they might need to take roost in a host for some time after hatching in order to survive.

Lunar Leech

According to Ozma, lunar leech-skin rugs are a big hit in the black market, which is the only suggestion we have as to their appearance.


Slimebeasts have no eyes and employ the use of corrosive acid to attack their prey. They have six limbs and a tail, and their fingers are suction-like at the end, enabling them to scale just about any surface. They are also very rare.

Speckled Sloth

Never shown, speckled sloth-paw ashtrays are another big hit in the black market.


Under Construction.


Thrashosaurs are large, purple creatures that resemble oviraptors. But unlike their dinosaur counterparts, they have sharp, snake-like fangs that secrete venom. They also seem to have an iron deficiency that drives their predatory instincts and indigenous diet.[1]

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