Keno Kentrix
Keno Kentrix
Biographical Information
Full nameKeno Kentrix


Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorBlack on white

Skin colorBlue (Munsell) scaled, with a bright green undertone and purple stripes
Production Details
Appears inLarge Target

Voiced byJess Harnell
“Nobody busts a Keno Kentrix operation and lives, Jack!”

Keno Kentrix is a Bathyosian crime boss and a casino owner on Mahambas VI.

Physical Description

He is Bathyosian and looks like a blue fish.


Under construction.


Under construction.


Being a Bathyosian, he can naturally breathe underwater. When in his machine, he is capable of handling a firearm.


  • "A loss is a loss, baby!"
  • "Marvelous; some sweet revenge and I save myself a lot of cash."
  • "I got a shark of a lawyer who'll have me out before the tide's in!"


  • Keno's voice is vaguely similar to the late Frank Sinatra's voice. This could be considered an homage, given that Frank Sinatra was reportedly linked to the mafia!



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