Booster Munchapper


Booster, as seen in the Alternate Universe.

He shares the same physical traits as Booster, but wears a black suit with a brown cloak. He mistook the good Buzz for his enemy and attacked him several times in a prison cell. He is more brutal than Booster and has a vendetta against the evil Buzz. As with all Jo-Adians, he is very strong and can easily lift large objects.

Brain Pod #81

Brain Pod 18 discovers Brain Pod 81

Brain Pod #18 discovers his alternate self, Brain Pod #81

Brain Pod #81 is the alternate self of Brain Pod #18.

Buzz Lightyear

Main article: Buzz Lightyear (alternate universe)

Commander Nebula

Commander Nebula was the one to recognize that Buzz was from another dimension, and not the evil Buzz from their dimension.

Mira Nova


Mira, as seen in the Alternate Universe.

She seeks revenge on the Evil Buzz after he presumably killed her father.


In the alternate Universe, XR is much larger than his main universe counterpart.
Alternate universe XR

Evil Emperor Zurg

In the alternate universe, Zurg is no longer evil and works in Cosmo's Cosmic Diner. See Zurg (alternate universe) for more information.


  • Many of the Space Rangers wear red-lined spacesuits instead of the normal green. Possibly, this is because red is considered the opposite of green since it is across from green on the color wheel.

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