Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is filled with interesting animal species, some of them friendly, others dangerous, and some kept as livestock. Most planets with habitable atmospheres contain at least some animal life, and Team Lightyear often encounters exotic creatures in their travels.

Sometimes only a single member of the species is seen, while on other occasions whole packs or herds are shown.

Bunzel Bees

Never actually seen in the show, bunzel bees are mentioned in "Root of Evil". As the name implies, they feed on bunzels and are a menace to the bunzel crops grown by Jo-Adian farmers. They possess a nasty sting which "hurts like the dickens", according to Zurg.


The only one of its kind seen on the show, "Fido" is a six-legged cat-like creature kept as a pet by Gravitina. It is a mischievous little animal. It is only referred to as "Fido" by XR.

Millennial Bugs

Under construction.


Under construction.


Under construction.

Crater viper slag monster mutant

A large creature on an unknown moon in the Zeta Quadrant, it has appendages that resemble large viper-like creatures that it uses to chase its prey towards it. It is very large in stature, and can camouflage with its surroundings.

Species on Karn

See Karn Species.

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