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The title of this article is not the individual's real name.

Ma Munchapper
Ma munchapper
Biographical Information
Full nameMa Munchapper

Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorBlack on Pink

Skin colorRed
RelativesBooster (son), Gramps

Production Details
Voiced byConchata Ferrell

Ma Munchapper is a female Jo-Adian and mother to Booster.

Physical Appearance

As a Jo-Adian, Ma Munchapper is naturally a big, well-endowed woman. Her skin is reddish with darker scales upon her back typical of seen Jo-Adians and she has large, yellow teeth. Ma dwarfs other smaller aliens without much effort and appears quite heavy. Her eyes are pinkish with black pupils.

Like most farmers, Ma wears a typical outfit found on Jo-Ad.


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Ma has a kind and hospitable attitude, and is all around a very cheerful woman. But that all changes, however, if you threaten her "Boosty Bug" -- Booster, of course. She will do anything for her son, including getting herself caught by Raenoks.

She can be loud and forceful if she has to be, but is otherwise a charming Jo-Adian woman.


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