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Mahambas VI
Planet Statistics
Position Unknown
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Warm
Population Unknown
Species Various species
Society Under construction
Government Unknown
Technology Advanced
Production Details
First Appearance Head Case
Last Appearance N/A

Mahambas VI is a resort planetoid,[1] exclusively for the purpose of entertaining vacationers and separating them from their money as efficiently and pleasantly as possible.


Mahambas VI has multiple suns.[2]


Under construction.


Keno Kentrix owns a casino here.


Many come to the planet for vacationing, as it's the galaxy's hottest resort. Much like any vacation resort, there are no ends to the amount of things one can do on their vacations, whether they be soaking up some suns, gambling, surfing, or catching criminals. 


  • Mahambas is probably a take on the Bahamas as they are both places ideal for vacations.



Under construction.


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