Mira Nova
(Alternate Universe)
Mira Nova (alternate universe)
Biographical Information
Full nameMira Nova

SpeciesTangean Royal

OccupationSpace Ranger
Physical Description

Hair colorRed, streaked with orange

Eye colorBlue

Skin colorLight blue
RelativesKing Nova (father, deceased)

AffiliationStar Command
Production Details
Appears inThe Lightyear Factor

Voiced byNicole Sullivan
For the original counterpart, please see Mira Nova.

Mira Nova of the Alternate Universe is the counterpart of Mira Nova in a universe where Buzz Lightyear is evil.

Physical Appearance

She is identical to Mira except with an orange, red and white suit and a crimson headband. Her hair is messier than Mira's.


She seeks revenge on the Evil Buzz after he presumably killed her father.


From what little is seen, her personality is very similiar to her other-universe counterpart. However, she possesses a fierce rage towards the Evil Buzz Lightyear due to his actions against her father.


Intangibility: Like most Tangeans, she has ghosting abilities.


Under construction.


Under construction.

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