Romac icon
Biographical Information
Full nameRomac

SpeciesTangean Grounder


OccupationBounty Hunter
Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorBlack on Brown

Skin colorBrown
Powers and Abilities
PowersGrounder Mental Blasts

WeaknessesGrounder and Royal powers cancel each other out when they are in close proximity to each other

EquipmentHoverbike, Armor

Production Details
First appearanceStar Crossed

Last appearanceStar Crossed

Voiced byDavid James Elliott
“I never quit a job 'til it's finished. Never.”

Romac is a Tangean Grounder who works as a freelance bounty hunter. He also used to be Mira's boyfriend.

Physical Appearance

Romac is a strong and athletic individual, quite broad-shouldered and muscular. 


Under construction. 


When we are first introduced to him, he seems foreboding and imposing, rumored to be one of the best bounty hunters around, even rivaling and surpassing the legendary Shiv Katall.

Even as a teenager, Romac was always smarter than the other Grounders.


Just like any Tangean Grounder, Romac possesses mind pulses.


  • "I never quit a job 'til it's finished. Never."
  • "Skip the boom-booms."
  • "Big difference between gaining and catching."


  • The character of Romac was based heavily on Romeo, according to Greg Weisman. He also is about the same age as Mira.



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