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Mira and LGM (name) “Really? All you Rangers look alike.”

The title of this article is not the individual's real name.

Serving girl

Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle.

The serving girl is a green-skinned humanoid.

Physical Appearance

Like other members of her species, the serving girl has pale green skin and blue-purple eyes, but what is most notable about her appearance are her large and pointed ears, a characteristic of her species. She has long black hair that reaches her knees in length, and an assortment of ear piercings. Clothing-wise, she usually wears a cropped top with short sleeves and a bikini bottom with transparent shorts. Oddly, she also usually walks around barefoot.


Under construction.


Star Crossed

  • "Yeah, we're not Zurg operatives. They said if we were, they couldn't dance with us."


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