The Holiday is an annual celebration known to many cultures. It is known as the one thing that brings all of the Galactic Alliance together and that gives everyone hope.


The Holiday is observed by planets of the Galactic Alliance. It is time for spreading good will towards others and exchanging gifts with each other.


During the Holiday, many buildings don strings of light, garlands, and wreathes. Evergreen trees, both real and artificial, are decorated with ornaments and lights and displayed both in home and outside in public. Capital Planet displays a tree made of light and floating rings, the lighting of which is a event that many like to witness.


Presents are exchanged between people during the Holiday season. Many of these gifts include toys for children and other such goodies such as sweets. Boxes of gifts tend to be wraped in brightly colored paper and bows. Additional gifts are delivered to families in homes all over the galaxy by Santa Claus.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a well-known figure of the Holiday season, known for visting every home in the galaxy in one night to deliver gifts. He delivers the best gifts to children on his Nice list, and to people on his Naughty list, he gives gifts such as socks and underwear. Traditionally, families will leave out cookies and milk for Santa's visit. People often dress up as Santa for the purpose of entertaining children or trying to coax others to donate to the less fortunate.

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