Biographical Information
Full nameTorque


Physical Description

Hair colorBrown facial hair

Eye colorBlack on Yellow

Skin colorYellow
Powers and Abilities
PowersCan make temporary clones of himself by splitting his cells via a cell-separator affixed to his chest

EquipmentHoverbike, Cell-Separator

Production Details
First appearanceThe Torque Armada

Last appearanceGood Ol' Buzz

Voiced byBrad Garrett
“Bummer, baby!”

Torque is an abrasive, multi-eyed and multi-limbed convict with a number of crimes under his belt. After a run-in with the Evil Emperor Zurg he acquired cell-separating abilities that enable him to create clones of himself, making him an even more formidable foe against Team Lightyear.

Physical Appearance

Large and broad-shouldered, Torque is a male alien of an unknown species possessing four arms, five eyes and two legs. He has three thick fingers on each hand and frond-like appendages on the top of his head. He possesses strips of brown facial hair, just below his mouth, which might not even be hair. He is usually seen wearing his biker-like outfit, complete with red shirt and boots, and a long brown overcoat.


Under construction.


He is harsh, cunning, and traitorous, and behaves like a biker, frequently committing crimes and riding around on a futuristic motorcycle. He loves stealing and causing chaos.


Due to his four arms, Torque is able to wield four weapons at once. After being freed from a prison transport by the Evil Emperor Zurg, the Grubs implanted a cell-separation device upon his chest, allowing him to self-replicate and produce identical clone copies. 


The Torque Armada

  • "Whoa, double trouble!" Torque One: "Hmm....Not bad!" Torque Two: "Right back 'atcha, beauty!"

The Main Event

The Taking of PC-7

Bunzel Fever

Good Ol' Buzz


  • Torque is very much similar personality-wise to the alien bounty hunter Lobo from the Omega Men series published by DC Comics. It helps that he was voiced by Brad Garrett, who also voiced Lobo in Superman: The Animated Series![1]Lobo has also been shown to create copies of himself from detached limbs.
  • In "The Main Event", when Torque clones himself again, his clones don't wear the same trench coat he wears all time. At one point, his trench coat was seen having four sleeves for a four armed alien instead of two. At another point, when Torque was about to punch Buzz, Torque was seen wearing a shirt with sleeves when in fact, he usually wears a sleeveless one. In this episode, it is revealed that the clones are unstable as shown when a single laser blast was enough to destroy them all.
  • In "The Taking of PC-7", Torque was seen cloning himself without pressing the device on his chest. At some points, clones were seen coming replicating out of the first clone as well. At one point, some clones were seen wearing the cloning device on their chests as well (same as in "Bunzel Fever").
  • In some episodes, Torque's yellow skin color changes. Also, in some episodes, Torque's two extra arms are seen with gloves, when in fact, he usually doesn't wear any. Additionally, in some episodes, the way Torque's clones are created and destroyed vary.



Video Games


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