Uncharted moon from orbit

The uncharted moon located somewhere in the Zeta Quadrant, as it appears from orbit.

The uncharted moon is a gaseous planetoid located in the Zeta Quadrant. It served as the location for one of the Evil Emperor Zurg's subterranean outposts, which was presumably destroyed soon after its discovery by Buzz Lightyear.


Volcanoes on uncharted moon

Geyser-like volcanoes litter the moon's surface, emitting gasses into the atmosphere.

From orbit, the moon's surface appears to be obscured by purple-colored clouds. The further one descends into the atmosphere, the more its rugged surface is revealed. It consists of tall mountains, deep gorges, sheer cliffs and large craters, the planetoid's natural dark blue rock formations complex and difficult to navigate without aid.

It does not appear to have an oxygen-based atmosphere. In fact, it seems to have an atmosphere that is so thin, it looks like it is surrounded by vacuum, causing the nearby stars to stand out through the clouds. The only hint at there being a tenuous atmosphere are the fuchsia-colored clouds themselves, a byproduct of the purple gases emitted by geyser-like volcanoes. Their difference in color is presumably due to the gases dispersing the higher they ascend into the atmosphere.

The moon does not seem to rotate either, given it possesses a dark side—or, if it does, it rotates very little. It is possibly a satellite to one of the two nearby planets, though which one of the two is unclear.


For a time, the moon served as one of Evil Emperor Zurg's bases—more specifically, an outpost built beneath the planetoid's surface in order to keep its entrance hiddenm from sight. There, he had his underlings conduct experiments on three captured LGMs in order to discover the secret behind their mindlink. However, his plans were thwarted before they could reach fruition when Buzz Lightyear and Warp Darkmatter infiltrated his base.

During the firefight that followed, in which Buzz managed to free the LGMs, Zurg activated the self-destruct sequence on his departure, sealing the two inside. Buzz survived, believing for a time that Warp had sacrificed his life for his sake by staying behind during the explosion.


Crater viper slag monster mutant

The creature Buzz dubbed a "crater viper slag monster mutant".

At first glance, the moon appears to be barren and dead, with no obvious flora or fauna. However, Buzz and Warp stumbled upon a crater viper slag monster mutant during their investigation, which they initially thought was merely a pack of crater vipers.

Zurg and his underlings also dwelled on the moon for an undetermined time, though they likely abandoned it after their base self-destructed and Star Command learned of its existence.


  • Curiously enough, the creature emitted the same gases as the volcanoes from its mouth and the "mouths" of its crater viper "fingers", suggesting that it was either the one producing the gases all along (unlikely, given its size could not possibly accommodate for the entire planetoid) or that it was an indigenous creature that had adapted to breathing the almost nonexistent atmosphere, as well as aiding in producing part of the gases emitted into its atmosphere.


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