Mira and LGM (name) “Really? All you Rangers look alike.”

The title of this article is not the individual's real name.

Valkyran guard
Biographical Information
Full Name Unknown
Occupation(s) Valkyran Raider
Moral Alignment Neutral
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green on White
Skin Color Light Pink
Production Details
First Appearance 42
Last Appearance 42
Voice Actor(s) Tress MacNeille

“Liar! I am from the south!”

Physical Appearance

Under construction.


She was in charge of guarding XR when the Valkyrans captured him and 42, but Buzz and Mira tried to save them by disguising themselves as Valkyrans. The ruse would have worked if Buzz had not botched it up by saying his strange accent was due to him being from the south, because the guard snapped back with, "Liar! I am from the south!" Luckily for Buzz and Mira, Mira used her Tangean ghosting powers to influence her to leave. It was Mira's first and last time of ever "mind-controlling" someone.


Under construction.


Under construction.


Under construction.


  • The credits mistakenly list Rob Paulsen as her voice actor.



Under construction.


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