Biographical Information
Full nameX-Treme

Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorGreen

Skin colorYellow, Purple, and Navy
AffiliationClone Rangers
Powers and Abilities

EquipmentMultiple guns

Production Details
Appears inClone Rangers

Voiced byNeil Flynn

X-Treme is the robot based on XR built for the Clone Rangers.

Physical Appearance

He is an evil counterpart of XR with many differences. He has a purple and navy body with the Zurg insignia. His head is bigger than XR's head and has green visors instead of dark green/yellow eyes. His hands have three fingers, which are clawlike in appearance.


When Zurg created the Clone Rangers, he neglected to build them a robot equivalent of XR. The clones took this matter into their own hands and built X-Treme. After causing mayhem around Carni-World, X-Treme was stopped by the use of a magnet. He later helped the other clones to escape and is still at large.


X-Treme prides himself on being completely unlike XR. He takes every opportunity to point out anything that makes him and his predecessor different.


  • "Okay, I know what you're doing. Preying on every clone's weakness. Well, too bad! I may look like XR, but I'm no clone."


  • Unlike XR who has a total of four fingers on each hand, X-Treme only has three. His fingers also happen to be claw-like.
  • His name is a pun on the word "Extreme".



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